Psarosoupa (Fish soup)

This fish soup is another favourite for the winter months, try and get the flathead or whaterver fish your using as fresh as possible. Also be extra careful in removing all the bones from the flesh.

Feeds 4 people

1 large flathead (you can use other fish but this is my favourite)
1/2 celery stick diced
2 small carrots diced
3 potatoes cut into mouth size pieces
2 onions chopped into medium to large pieces
3/4 of a cup of rice
2 tablespoons oil


Place fish into a large pot of boiling water, boil for approximately 20 mins or until meat begins to fall off.

Strain fish broth and place back in the pot.

Add celery, carrots, potatoes, oil and onions into broth.

You will need to remove the meat from the flathead, this is a delicate process and you must be careful to remove all the bones, it's fairly easy with flathead as there a few small bones.

Once meat has been removed add to the pot with the other ingredients.

Boil the soup for about 15 minutes and add the rice, boil for another 25 minutes or until the carrots begin to get soft. Add salt and pepper to taste and your done. Leave to cool for about 15 minutes and serve.

If you've tried this recipe please come back and comment, I'd love to get your feedback with any suggestions you may have on improving the dish or how your recipe turned out. Either way drop me a line. Looking forward to your comments.

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Brand adam said...

Your article about greek food is really awesome . Thanks for sharing this whole recipe. I will try this recipe in weekend. I love greek food very much and i have tried many greek recipes which i got from YouTube , recipe books and many other website at home .