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Avgolemono (Lemon mixture)

This mixture is used to add to the chicken soup if you want some tang in your soup. It can be used for other soups which is why I have created a seperate recipe. The Greek word avgolemono is a combination of two words, the first is avgo (egg) and lemoni (lemon). So you only require 2 ingredients for this but enhances the taste of the chicken soup two fold.

Kotosoupa (Chicken soup)

This recipe is very easy and is one of my favourites during winter. It's very easy to make and takes roughly 30-40 minutes to make.

Psarosoupa (Fish soup)

This fish soup is another favourite for the winter months, try and get the flathead or whaterver fish your using as fresh as possible. Also be extra careful in removing all the bones from the flesh.

Trahana (Pasta soup)

Trahana (Pasta soup)

Great soup served in winter, magnificient with a loaf of fresh bread used to dip into the soup.
Trahana can be made using milk or water, this recipe uses milk. The trahana used to make this
soup can be homemade or bought from a deli. There will be a forthcoming recipe on how to make
the actual trahana but for now you can use the premade trahana.