Greek coffee in 5 easy steps

Love coffee? Why not try the coffee that's made in most Greek households in Greece and possibly in many countries around the world where expatriat Greek's now live.


To make this type of coffee you will require a Greek coffee pot called a briki which is shown above.

The instructions below will be enough for one coffee, to increase the number of coffee's you will require a larger briki and double the amounts provided below.


1. Fill a Greek coffee cupswith water and pour into the briki.

2. Place one tea spoon of sugar into the briki.

3. Place one heaped tea spoon of Greek coffee into the briki.

4. Heat briki on low to medium heat, stir for about 20 seconds, does not require much stirring.
    Some people like to stir until the coffee boild but I don't think this is necessary.
    Leave on heat until the coffee begins to boil, turn the heat off just before coffee begins to rise,
    this will take some practise as this is a critical moment. Exactly where you turn the heat off
    can be the difference between a good or excellent coffee. With practise you will get better.

5. Leave for about 20 seconds and then pour into coffee cup.

Now if, after pouring into the cup you don't see a creamy layer you have probably boiled the
coffee for too long, next time, turn the heat off a little earlier. Trial and error is the key here.
I like to leave it cool down before drinking the coffee but this can vary depending on your taste.

You will probably only be able to drink 3/4 of the coffee as the last little bit is very thick and strong.

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