Greek coffee in 5 easy steps

Love coffee? Why not try the coffee that's made in most Greek households in Greece and possibly in many countries around the world where expatriat Greek's now live.

Trahana (Pasta soup)

Trahana (Pasta soup)

Great soup served in winter, magnificient with a loaf of fresh bread used to dip into the soup.
Trahana can be made using milk or water, this recipe uses milk. The trahana used to make this
soup can be homemade or bought from a deli. There will be a forthcoming recipe on how to make
the actual trahana but for now you can use the premade trahana.

Traditional Greek salad

Let's start off with an easy recipe that should be served on most tables at dinner time. I know it was in my days growing up, there was always the Greek salad served up where I would break chunks of bread and dip into the salad juices. This would hardly happen nowadays especially when friends are over.